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A high level of clean and hygienic rice processing factory.

It involves huge investment on the setting up of high-tech computerized and highly systematic rice processing machine, to produce real hygienic and high-quality rice.

High-precision of “Destoner” machine would firstly remove all stones and debris.

Tiny stone and micro object hidden in the rice, which could not be easily found, are now easily being distinguished from.

The machines are equipped with numerous micro-cameras and electronic sensors, to be able to precisely select the high-quality rice, to detect and remove every single low quality rice, which are not detectable by human eyes.

Entirely computerized control, enabling the technician to oversee the operations of various parts of the process at a glace, with more effective management of quality and better implementations.

The unprocessed rice would only go through procurement and later the processing stages after a strict sampling quality review is being conducted. The processed rice would go through the testing by product quality management division before entering the market to ensure that the “Happy Rice” meets the quality management requirements, as well as to ensure that “Happy Rice” becomes number one in rice quality in the rice processing and retailing industry.

A high-quality systems management ensure that the supply is fresh and sufficient at all times.

Well trained and Friendly delivery team, with new means of transport, aims to provide you with the best service!

A view of “Happy Rice” factory.



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