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The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification has been awarded to Lian Hua Seng Sdn. Bhd. for its processing and packaging plant. The HACCP is a risk assessment tool that takes a systematic approach to evaluating food safety practices. It is designed to identify, assess and control hazards in food safety so that the manufacturing processes are protected from contamination and the risk of food poisoning is minimized.

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ISO 9001: 2008

Lian Hua Seng Sdn. Bhd. attained certification under the new ISO 900 I standard in year 2009. The ISO 9001 not only helps standardize quality systems in the company, but also serves as an additional guarantee to assure our customers of the stringent systems that deliver quality products to them.

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Halal Certificate

Happy's products bear halal certification by the Islamic Food and Consumer Goods Research Division of JAKIM (Thc Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia). Our manufacturing processes reflect an understanding that halal food and drinks are an important matter to every Muslim consumer. Halal items do not contain anything impure under Syariah Law. Happy's products are deeply committed to upholding these standards of purity and to preserving customer confidence in every item that leaves the rice plant.

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